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Heartland Surgery Center Financial Policies & Fees

Financial Information:

You will receive separate bills from different providers involved with your surgery. Heartland Surgery Center charges do not include fees for your surgeon, anesthesia provider or other ancillary services such as laboratory, radiology or pathology.

Heartland Surgery Center is a preferred provider for many insurance plans:

Aetna Nebraska/Kansas Medicaid Managed Care
Blue Cross Blue Shield Medica
ChampVa Medicare
Cigna Midlands Choice
VA/Tricare UMR
Humana UnitedHealthCare

We will file claims to your insurance company and do all that we can to assist you. It is important that you understand the benefits and the requirements of your policy. Some insurance companies require pre­authorization by the physician before surgery. Please review the requirements of your policy and verify that this process has been completed.
You are responsible for understanding your benefits, the terms of your policy and are responsible for the balance of your account.

You can expect a statement from us after we have heard from your insurance company. Payment in full is required within 30 days. For your convenience, we accept Care Credit (Please visit to apply for an account), VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you require financial assistance or have questions related to insurance and billing, please contact HSC at 308-865-2670 and ask for patient accounts.

AUTO INSURANCE: If you have been injured in an auto accident, please contact our billing department at 308-865-2670.

WORKERS' COMPENSATION: Heartland Surgery Center obtains authorization for surgical services before the procedure takes place. We will submit a claim to the workers' compensation carrier on your behalf.

MEDICAID: If you are covered under Medicaid or Medicaid Managed Care Plans (Nebraska or Kansas), a claim will be submitted for you. We will not send any statements to you unless there is a required copay for services.

MEDICARE: Medicare Patients Can Compare Costs for Outpatient Surgeries with The Procedure Price Lookup. The following Website offers the ability to search their specific surgeries and compare what their average out-of-pocket costs will be at hospital outpatient departments versus surgery centers such as ours:




Heartland Surgery Center Fees (Top 50 Procedures by Volume):

Procedure Code Description HSC Fee 
19120 Excision Breast Biopsy $3,137.00
20610 Major Joint Injection $450.00
20680 Hardware Removal, Deep $3,614.00
22551 Cervical Spine Fusion $14,425.00
23430 Repair Biceps Tendon $7,703.00
25111 Excision Mass, Wrist $2,508.00
25447 Arthroplasty Carpometacarpal Joint $4,977.00
25609 Open Reduction, Internal Fixation Wrist Fracture $8,968.00
26055 Trigger Finger Release $2,508.00
26160 Excision Mass, Finger/Hand $2,508.00
27658 Tendon Repair, Ankle $2,765.00
27691 Tendon Transfer Ankle $6,042.00
27695 Repair Ligament Ankle $6,042.00
27792 Fracture Repair, Ankle $7,139.00
28285 Hammertoe Correction $3,109.00
28296 Bunionectomy $3,660.00
29824 Arthroscopy Shoulder Distal Clavicle Excision $5,219.00
29826 Arthroscopy Shoulder Acromioplasty $5,137.00
29827 Arthroscopy Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair $6,042.00
29828 Arthroscopy Shoulder Biceps Tendon Repair $6,042.00
29848 Arthroscopic Carpal Tunnel $4,648.00
29877-29882 Arthroscopic Knee $5,572.00
29888 Arthroscopic ACL Repair $8,944.00
29898 Arthroscopy, Ankle $5,572.00
36561 Insertion of Port $4,120.00
42820 Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy (under 12 years) $4,899.00
42826 Tonsillectomy (older than 12) $3,370.00
42830 Adenoidectomy (under 12 years) $3,035.00
43239 EGD with Biopsy $1,344.00
45378 Colonoscopy $1,280.00
47562 Lap Chole (Gallbladder Removal) $5,878.00
49505 Repair Inguinal Hernia $4,464.00
49585 Umbilical Hernia Repair $3,741.00
49650 Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair $6,765.00
53450 Meatoplasty $3,048.00
55040 Hydrocelectomy $3,232.00
63030 Back Disketomy $6,820.00
64483 Transforaminal Epidural Injection $1,191.00
64561 Interstimulator Nerve Evaluation (For Bladder Control) $13,638.00
64590 Interstimulator Implant (For Bladder Control) $48,424.00
64708 PIN Neuroplasty $2,671.00
64718 Ulnar Nerve Transposition $2,671.00
64721 Carpal Tunnel Release $2,671.00
69436 Ear Tubes $1,553.00
69610 Repair Tympanic Membrane $1,484.00

What Our Patients Say

"I have had several procedures done at Heartland as have several family members. We have always received excellent care before, during, and after those procedures. Never a negative experience. I will always continue to recommend Heartland Surgical Center to my family and friends."

What Our Patients Say

"Everything was very timely, yet handled in a very warm, personable manner."

What Our Patients Say

"Your staff is always very courteous and helpful. Everyone from beginning to end knows their role well and completes their role well. This is my third visit to your facility - twice for my son (which includes this time) and once for my husband. I feel very confident in the care my family receives there and I appreciate how the family waiting is informed. My son who is 15 was very well taking care of - everyone helps put us at ease by their attention, friendliness, and excellent care." 

What Our Patients Say

"The relaxed yet professional demeanor of all staff - great teamwork and a definite sense of caring amongst staff members. Definitely a family vibe." 

What Our Patients Say

"They did great with my son and were very patient and understanding. Professional and explained everything so that we understood it. Wonderful people who genuinely cared! Answered all questions and gave good advice!" 

What Our Patients Say

"The friendliness of the entire staff, the comfortable atmosphere and the positive experience of the surgical procedure itself. I received great care before and after the procedure." 

What Our Patients Say

"Didn't feel like we were a number, we weren't rushed in and out. The nurses, doctors, and staff were all super nice, welcoming and caring about my son and his health." 

What Our Patients Say

"Even though I went in alone for this procedure and was nervous, they made me feel like I wasn?t so alone and someone was close by every step of the way. This is by far the best staff I have ever encountered at a medical facility. Everyone worked well together for the comfort and care of the patients, everyone was helpful and focused on the patient?s care. They were all upbeat and very good at their roles. I am thoroughly impressed, and while I would never elect to have surgery, this is the place I would go." 

What Our Patients Say

"The desk receptionist was pleasant and courteous. My husband approached while I was checking in and she acknowledged him to make sure he was with me. She was protecting my privacy- she was kind and tactful. I was impressed by how well the pre-op team worked together, pitching in and helping one another." 

What Our Patients Say

"Everything seem to run so smooth. The staff from the time I walked into Heartland Surgery Center to the time I left made me feel like I was part of the family." 

Heartland Surgery Center

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